Service portal

Service portal

Service-bw: Your municipal administration online

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The Baden-Württemberg Service Portal allows you to visit us from the comfort of your own home. Use the Service Portal to prepare for your trip to the authorities at any time night and day, and to access an ever increasing number of services online. 

Service-bw is the Service Portal for the State and local authorities in Baden-Württemberg. The Portal offers the general public, companies and employees in administration the opportunity to obtain detailed information about administrative services in many of life’s situations, and also to easily access forms and online services. It links easily understandable descriptions of procedures with the responsible authorities and their offered range of electronic forms and online services.  

Service-bw opens up access to over 9,000 public authorities and institutions across Baden-Württemberg and describes around 1,000 concrete administrative services catering to wide-ranging different life situations concentrated in over 50 categories. The explanations contain a large number of useful tips and information about the administrative process.

Serviceportal Baden-Württemberg - Your municipal administration online