State coat of arms


Detail from the State flag with the Baden-Württemberg coat of arms.

United under one coat of arms

Baden-Württemberg’s unity and diversity are expressed in the State coat of arms, which revisits the historic origins of Baden-Württemberg and symbolically unites them in one cohesive emblem.

Lion, stag and griffon – the symbols and traditions of the regions which make up our state are united in the Baden-Württemberg coat of arms. The three lions embody Schwaben, the stag is the symbol of Württemberg, and the griffon stands for Baden. The six badges lining the crown at the top of the shield represent the six most important historical territories of the Southwest State.

The constitution of the State of Baden-Württemberg only stipulates the State colours as black and gold. The coat of arms of the newly founded State in the Southwest was not added until 1954. The State Parliament decided to adopt a coat of arms which symbolized the union of the young State of Baden-Württemberg, but also honoured the tradition of the former states and regions from which it was formed.

The greater and lesser coat of arms may only be carried on principle by certain authorized authorities and institutions.

Großes Landeswappen Baden-Württemberg

: Greater coat of arms

Das Kleine Landeswappen

: Lesser coat of arms