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State Representation in Brussels

Florian Hassler
Die Vertretung des Landes Baden-Württemberg in Brüssel.

The Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union ensures that the voice of the State is heard in Brussels, and also focuses the attention of the State on developments taking place in Europe from the earliest possible juncture.

Our State is held in high regard within Europe for its wealth of creative small and medium-sized businesses, for its innovative companies of international repute and for its excellent universities and research institutes. The image of Baden-Württemberg beyond its own borders is also characterized by cultural diversity and by its scenic variety and beauty. Our State Representation in Brussels portrays this positive image of a successful and innovative technology region with a high quality of life to our partners throughout Europe – and beyond.

Flying the flag in the European capital

Behind every European decision are not institutions, but people. Establishing contacts and maintaining relations with these decision-makers are vital to the work of our State Representation in Brussels. An attractive house in a central location provides the essential pivot for effective political involvement in the European capital. With its building in the very heart of the Brussels EU district, Baden-Württemberg maintains a constant presence, flying the flag for our State among its European partners.

Hearing and seeing, mediating and understanding

The key assignment of the State Representation is to support the Federal Government in shaping Baden-Württemberg’s European policy in Brussels. It acts in the capacity of a hinge pin between the State and the European level: In one direction, the State Representation projects the position of the State in its dealings with European institutions and partners. In the other direction, it provides a channel of information about developments in European politics.

An ear to the pulse of the EU

The State Representation keeps the State Government up to date with information on all current developments on the EU level. This allows a breathing space for politics and administration at home in the regions to elaborate their own position on European issues, to initiate their own decision-making procedures in good time and to gain an insight into the positions taken by their other European partners.

Mouthpiece of the State in European policy making

The State Representation is responsible for voicing the concerns of the State throughout every phase of the decision-making process in Brussels. To this end, we use our direct contacts to the most important decision-makers. We also cultivate good contacts to the Brussels offices of our regional partners – allowing us to successfully make the case for Baden-Württemberg’s position on European policies.

Platform for the whole of Baden-Württemberg

The State Representation is the point of contact for politics and administration, for the economy, for associations and chambers, for universities and research institutes, and for members of the public. At the same time, the State Representation is a meeting place for movers and shakers from Baden-Württemberg seeking dialogue with decision-makers in the European arena.

Showcase for the whole of Europe

Anyone entering the premises of the State Representation in Brussels will have the opportunity to experience a piece of Baden-Württemberg. The exhibition areas and function rooms of the State Representation serve as a showcase for the whole of Europe. While enjoying some of the specialities typical of our region, our gests from other European countries experience a taste of what Baden-Württemberg has to offer: Discoveries and inventions, history and innovation, tradition and customs, rural and urban treasures, art and culture.

Experiencing Baden-Württemberg in Brussels

The different functions and presentations staged in the State Representation range from expert meetings through panel discussions to presentations and lectures. Art and cultural events also play an established role in the State Representation’s calendar.

Brussels is used as a platform for the discussion of new ideas and the development of solutions across specialist boundaries and in partnership with associates from across the whole of Europe. One example is the EU strategy for the Danube Region, whose roots were established in the premises of the Baden-Württemberg State Representation.

The Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels stands for frank and open grass-roots representation, affording every member of the public the opportunity to gain an impression of European procedures and the position taken by our State.

Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann (l.) im Gespräch mit dem kanadischen Premierminister Justin Trudeau (r.) in Ottawa (Bild: Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg)
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Baden-Württemberg - Global Player

Baden-Württemberg is situated at the very heart of Europe. The State Government is committed to a democratically participative Europe in which Baden-Württemberg has a powerful voice. The State has also cultivated close ties to its neighbours and partners around the world which have evolved over many decades.