Baden-Württemberg is sustainable

Our State is a great place to live. We are working to keep it that way.

Windräder drehen im Wind. (Bild: © dpa)

Creating sustainability for our State

New forms of energy, consistent environmental protection, good mobility, nature conservation, food safety, attractive open spaces and a strong agricultural sector: The State Government is committed to achieving sustainability in Baden-Württemberg. We are powering the energy revolution by expanding the use of renewable energy sources. We attach the highest priority to the secure and reliable supply of electrical energy.

The conservation of nature and protection of our environment will ensure healthy living conditions and maintain essential recreational spaces for all of us to enjoy. This is why environmental and nature conservation is central to State Government policy. The State Government aims to make Baden-Württemberg a pioneer of sustainable mobility by enhancing public transport and supporting the development of green automotive technologies, in particular electromobility.  

Consumer responsibility can only be achieved with adequate consumer information. One of the goals of the Baden-Württemberg State Government is to strengthen the position of consumers in our State. The countryside forms the backbone of Baden-Württemberg, and we aim to keep our rural areas not only economically strong but also attractive. Farming makes an important contribution to our society. We aim to make agriculture in our State fit to face the challenges of the future. Locally sourced, organically grown produce, for instance, represents a major opportunity for the farming community. The State Government is also a great proponent of genetically unmodified food production.