Baden-Württemberg is fair

Creating greater social cohesion in our State.

Verschiedene Menschen am Tisch im Gespräch

Facilitating participation for all

A stakeholder society founded on solidarity, in which every individual feels they have a part to play – this is the vision of the State Government. Our children are our future. This is why the State Government lends its support to families with children. Our modern family policy makes it easier for parents to balance family and professional life. We aim to make Baden-Württemberg a State which offers equal opportunities to men and women. The State Government operates an active policy of creating opportunities for women aimed at putting an end to social injustice based on gender.  

Housing is a basic human need. The federal state government is therefore committed to promoting affordable housing in a variety of ways.

Health is decisive to the quality of life of each individual, but also to society as a whole. Consequently a central tenet of the State Government’s mission is to safeguard and promote health among the population. Our health policy places the patient firmly in the foreground.  

Because we are constantly ageing as a population, it is vital that we pay due consideration first and foremost to the opportunities and potential offered by old age. Our aim is to permit the elderly every opportunity for independence and self-determination in how they live their lives. People with disabilities belong at the very heart of society. We aim to remove the barriers and disadvantages they encounter in their day-to-day lives and to drive forward the social inclusion of all.