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Menschenmenge beim Hip-Hop-Open Festival 2012 in Stuttgart

Actively behind culture, sport and tourism

Baden-Württemberg has an outstanding cultural landscape. It is shaped by a mix of the finest art, diverse cultural institutions and a widespread willingness to volunteer in the community. The aim must be to preserve and develop this treasure trove. The State Government seeks to cultivate greater cultural scope and to lend its support to the new and the experimental, helping art and culture to occupy a central position in our society and offering each and every member of our population the opportunity to participate in the cultural life of the State.  

Characteristic of the media landscape in Baden-Württemberg is its enormous diversity. The different media – from public and private radio broadcasting corporations and a well-oiled publishing industry to community media and the diversity of new medium forms – have an indispensable role to play in our democratic society. Because of the importance of maintaining this diversity in the digital age, the State Government has set itself the target of boosting the role of Baden-Württemberg as a media location.

With over 50 million overnight stays a year, Baden-Württemberg is Germany’s second biggest tourist destination. Tourism is a central economic factor and a motor for employment in our region. The State Government is active in promoting tourism in our State, encouraging the development of a modern, sustainable infrastructure and the interaction between tourism, agriculture and nature conservation.  

Sport is not only good for you, it encourages social interaction and brings friends together. Movement, play and sport are essential to the development of children and young people, but also offer opportunities for preventing violence, for integration and inclusion. This is why the promotion of sport is taken very seriously by the State Government. This applies not only to sporting activities and opportunities for movement offered in primary and secondary schools, but also to the work of sports clubs and associations. The support offered by our State Government to these associations is documented in the “Sports Solidarity Pact”.

Wanderer auf einer Blumenwiese.
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Holiday destination and centre of culture

Whether you come to enjoy our landscapes, our culture, art, nature or for pure personal indulgence and relaxation: In Baden-Württemberg you will find just what you have been looking for. Our State offers a variety which is second to none.