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    Baden-Württemberg is astute

    Good education is focal to the future of our State.

Fairness and performance

The best possible education for all

The most valuable resources to be found in Baden-Württemberg are the skills and creativity of its population. This is why providing the best possible education for all children and young people remains the highest priority for the State Government. Our goal is to create an efficient, high-performing and fair system of education – from nursery right through to university.  

At no other time in our lives do we learn as much and as quickly as during our first formative years. This is why the State Government is working to improve early childhood education and to expand the availability of childcare places.  

Every child and every young person – irrespective of their origin – should have the opportunity to develop their talents and skills to the highest possible level of academic achievement. This is why the advancement of the individual forms the focus of the State Government’s education policy. Parents seeking all-day educational facilities for their children should be given this opportunity.  

Our universities are the laboratories of our future society. They provide the space and freedom for original thought, contributing significantly to our society’s capacity to innovate. Because the precondition for high-quality research and teaching is adequate funding, the federal state government provides universities with reliable core funding. The federal state government continues to develop the unique academic landscape of higher education in Baden-Württemberg and improve the framework conditions for research and teaching and working conditions; it has started a digitalisation campaign and expanded access to universities to ensure that educational advancement is open to increasing numbers of people.

Another decisive factor in Baden-Württemberg’s favour as an economic location is the exemplary standard of training offered to those in employment. To maintain our leading edge in the competitive international marketplace, we are putting measures in place to improve training and further education.

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