Shaping Baden-Württemberg

New policy for and with the people of our State.

Die Landesfahne von Baden-Württemberg

Renewal and preservation

Baden-Württemberg is a popular place to live. The legendary work ethic and ingenuity of its people have made our Federal State the prosperous and a highly desirable location it is today. But they are well aware that our prosperity cannot be taken for granted. It is only by continuous endeavour and willingness to embrace change that Baden-Württemberg will continue to enjoy success. Together with the population, the State Government aims to create a Baden-Württemberg which is fit for the future, successful, astute, fair and in touch with the people. The policy of the State Government is founded on the twin precepts of renewal and preservation.

Ein Mitarbeiter testet einen Lackierroboter (Bild: © dpa).
  • Economy Jobs Budget

Baden-Württemberg is successful

Baden-Württemberg has one of the strongest economies in Europe. We also have one of the lowest unemployment rates. We aim to bring about ecological and social renewal in our economy, make Baden-Württemberg an exemplary place to work and consolidate our budget.

Baden-Württemberg, Lenningen: Schülerinnen und Schüler sitzen in einem Klassenraum der Grundschule im Lenninger Ortsteil Schopfloch. (Bild: picture alliance/Marijan Murat/dpa)
  • Education

Baden-Württemberg is astute

The best possible education for the young takes top priority for the State Government. Our goal is to create an efficient, high-performing and fair system of education – from nursery through to university. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their talents and skills to the highest possible level of academic achievement.

Windräder drehen im Wind. (Bild: © dpa)
  • A great place to live

Baden-Württemberg is sustainable

New forms of energy, consistent environmental protection, good mobility, nature conservation, food safety, attractive open spaces and a strong agricultural sector: The State Government is committed to achieving sustainability in Baden-Württemberg.

Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann gibt auf dem Platz vor der Basilika Birnau am Bodensee eine Einführung in die Geschichte des Gotteshauses.
  • Democracy

Baden-Württemberg is in touch with the people

Because we believe politics should be practiced on eye level with the people we serve, we encourage civic participation. An efficient, people-friendly police force and judicial system safeguard the freedom and security of the population. We view the diversity of the people who live here as an opportunity.

Verschiedene Menschen am Tisch im Gespräch
  • Social affairs

Baden-Württemberg is fair

A stakeholder society founded on solidarity, in which every individual feels they have a part to play – this is the vision of the State Government. Our committed social policy seeks to heal divisions in society and to create a solid basis for social cohesion.

Menschenmenge beim Hip-Hop-Open Festival 2012 in Stuttgart
  • Culture Sport Tourism

Baden-Württemberg is beauty in action

Creative, active, attractive – Baden-Württemberg is all of these things. The State Government actively encourages the creation of an exciting cultural landscape and a diverse media location. It promotes popular sports and movement in the education system. And it is active in its support of successful and sustainable tourism.