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    Baden-Württemberg and the European Union 2016

    Figure comparison in the areas of Population, economy, employment and standard of living

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    TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Environmental, climate protection and energy policies in Baden-Württemberg

    We are striving to maintain the natural resources on which life is built and to secure our future and the future of generations to come. To this end, we are realigning our energy and climate protection policy.

    Climate Change in Baden-Württemberg – Facts - Impacts - Perspectives

    Climate change and its consequences are not only a global problem; climate change also takes place in Baden-Württemberg. The State initiated a study on the ecological, economical and socio-economic impacts of climate change at a very early stage. The results of several research projects in recent years provide the background for this brochure and allow conclusions about climate change an its consequences for Baden-Württemberg.

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    11 reasons for professionals to come to Baden-Württemberg

    A flyer to the advertising of the professional force location Baden-Wurttemberg in english.

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    Early Intervention in Interdisciplinary Early Intervention Centres in Baden-Württemberg

    Interdisciplinary early intervention aims to prevent or lessen the threat of disability and the effects of existing disabilities and to strengthen the children affected.

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    Brief overview of forest management in Baden-Württemberg


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    10 Years of Organic Monitoring

    The State of Baden-Württemberg has conducted a federal-wide, unique monitoring program of organically produced foods since 2002. Over the last 10 years about 8,000 organically-labeled food products were analyzed in a vast array of parameters (e.g. pesticide residues, genetically modified organisms and additives). While at the beginning unprocessed foods were the main focus, with the ever growing selection of organic products, processed products such as wine and bread were increasingly included. The brochure provides an overview how the inspection system for organic products works and a comparison of organically and conventionally produced products.