TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Environmental, climate protection and energy policies in Baden-Württemberg

We are striving to maintain the natural resources on which life is built and to secure our future and the future of generations to come. To this end, we are realigning our energy and climate protection policy.

These are the areas which matter to us most:

  • the transition to renewable energy and the decision to phase out nuclear energy;
  • climate protection;
  • the further development of renewable energy;
  • the protection of the resources on which life is built: water, soil, and air;
  • a new strategy of sustainability;
  • the efficient use of resources and modern environmental technologies;
  • forward-looking closed cicle waste management and
  • international cooperation 

Publisher: Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector
Format: A4
Pages: 2
Publication date: September 2012