Policy coordination

Theresa Schopper

Staatsministerin Theresa Schopper ist für die politische Koordination im Staatsministerium verantwortlich.

State Minister Theresa Schopper is responsible for policy coordination in the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry.

Theresa Schopper was born on April 9, 1961 in Füssen in the Allgäu. She spent her childhood and school years in this stunning beautiful region with its kingly castles and lakes. She attended Hohenschwangau High School. After passing her school-leaving examinations, she moved to Munich to study sociology, psychology and criminology at Ludwig Maximilian University, where she received her diploma.

Theresa Schopper was leader of the Green parliamentary party in the Bavarian parliament from 1988 to 1994. In the years 1994 to 2013 she was a member of the Bavarian parliament for 14 years. Her political priorities during her time as member of the Bavarian parliament were social and health policy and environmental and agricultural policy.

Theresa Schopper was also regional chairwoman of the Bavarian Green Party from 2003 to 2013. In 2014 she moved to the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg to lead the policy section, later becoming head of the Policy Department.

She has been responsible for policy coordination in the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg since May 2016, initially as State Secretary, since October 2018 as State Minister.

Theresa Schopper is an appointed member of the General Council of the Bavarian Catholic Academy and a member of the plenary assembly of the Diocesan Council of Catholics of the Archbishopric of Munich and Freising.

In 2010 she was awarded the Bavarian State Medal for special services in health care and in 2012 she received the Bavarian Constitution medal in silver.

Theresa Schopper is married and has two sons.