Minister of Justice

Marion Gentges

Marion Gentges

Guido Wolf, Minister of Justice and European Affairs. His remit also includes tourism.

Guido Wolf was born on 28 September 1961 in Weingarten. He received his school education at the classical Spohiengymnasium in Ravensburg, which he completed with the A-levels.

This was followed by a degree in law at the University of Konstanz. From October 1988 until January 1991, Wolf worked at the administrative district office in Tuttlingen. The second milestone of his professional career took him to the Ministry of Transport in Baden-Württemberg, where until October 1992 he was a personal advisor to Transport Minister Dr. Thomas Schäuble and ran the latter’s office.

From November 1992 until December 1994, Wolf was a judge at the Sigmaringen administrative court. Then his path took him back to the state capital, where between January 1995 and October 1996 he took over responsibility as head of the “Policy and Planning” division in the state ministry.

In November 2002, the district assembly of the administrative district of Tuttlingen elected him as their new Head of the District Authority. He was in this post until November 2011. Since March 2006 he has had a seat in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg as the CDU MP for the constituency of Tuttlingen-Donaueschingen.

In 2011 the Baden-Württemberg state parliament elected Guido Wolf as president of the state parliament. Since May 2016, he has been head of the Ministry of Justice and European Affairs. The responsibilities of the Ministry also include tourism in Baden-Württemberg.