Representative in Berlin

Volker Ratzmann

Volker Ratzmann – Bevollmächtigter des Landes beim Bund

State Secretary Volker Ratzmann is the representative of the state of Baden-Württemberg to the Federal Government.

Volker Ratzmann was born on March 23, 1960 in Helmstedt. He grew up on an estate between Augsburg and Donauwörth and in a village in Lower Saxony near Gifhorn on the southern edge of Lüneburg Heath. He took his school-leaving examinations in 1979 at Otto Hahn High School in Gifhorn. After completing his community service in Freiburg, he moved to Berlin where he studied law at Freie Universität Berlin. He was admitted to the bar in 1991 and opened his first own law firm in the House of Democracy in the Friedrichsstraße in Berlin. As a specialist lawyer for labour law and criminal law he continued working as a lawyer in two other law offices in Berlin until the end of 2012.

Volker Ratzmann already directly opposed the nuclear waste disposal facility in Gorleben in 1979. In 1986 he became a member of the Alternative List for Democracy and Environmental Protection (AL), now Alliance 90/The Greens. He was a member of the Berlin state legislature from 2001 to 2012 and was parliamentary party leader for Alliance 90/The Greens in the Berlin state legislature from 2003 to 2011. In the 2006 elections he obtained one of the two first direct mandates in the eastern part of Berlin. In 2011 he successfully defended his mandate in the constituency of Prenzlauer Berg. In the years 2003/2004 he was deputy member of the commission of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat for the modernization of the federal system, and from 2007 to 2009 he was involved in modernizing financial relations between the federal government and the federal states.

Volker Ratzmann has worked for the state of Baden-Württemberg since 2012, initially as federal policy coordinator, then as head of service and finally as head of the Political Department of the Representation of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin. Volker Ratzmann was appointed representative of the state of Baden-Württemberg to the Federal Government on May 12, 2016 and given the title of state secretary. He represents the interests of Baden-Württemberg to the German federal government. 

He is married to German MP Kerstin Andreae and has three children.