Minister of Finance

Edith Sitzmann

Edith Sitzmann, Minister of Finance (picture: © dpa)

Edith Sitzmann is Minister of Finance.

Edith Sitzmann has been an active member of the German Green Party since 1992. Since 2002, she has represented the constituency of Freiburg West in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament – elected by direct mandate in 2011 and 2016. From 2004 to 2006, Sitzmann was the Green Party’s spokeswoman for financial policy in the state parliament. Following the elections in 2006, Sitzmann was elected spokeswoman for economic policy in her party.

In June 2009 she was elected onto the Freiburg municipal council, which she was a member of until being elected leader of the parliamentary Green Party in the state parliament following the state elections in 2011. She led the parliamentary Green Party, which was the larger of the governing parties, until 2016, and since then has been the head of the Ministry of Finance in the first green-black coalition.