In Europe and the world

For a powerful Europe with powerful regions

Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann (l.) im Gespräch mit dem kanadischen Premierminister Justin Trudeau (r.) in Ottawa (Bild: Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg)

Baden-Württemberg – European and global player

Baden-Württemberg is situated at the very heart of Europe. The State Government is committed to a democratically participative Europe in which Baden-Württemberg has a powerful voice. The State has also cultivated close ties to its neighbours and partners around the world which have evolved over many decades.

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Helping to shape the face of Europe

We need a stronger Europe to overcome the current issue of national debt and the Euro crisis. This is why we are fully behind a strong European Union based on solidarity. EU structural policies are exerting a positive outcome on the state level. We are putting our weight behind ensuring that things stay that way.

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State Representation in Brussels

The “Ländervertretung”, Baden-Württemberg’s representative office in the capital of the European Union, ensures that the voice of the State is heard in Brussels, and also focuses the attention of the State on developments taking place in Europe from the earliest possible juncture.